‘Together’ is a collaboration with Diana Rikasari. It’s one of the most elaborate pieces I’ve made, and designing it with her work in mind was both liberating and a lot of fun! Diana is a fashion designer, author, up-cycler and an explosion of colour. 

When we set out on this project, it was clear from the get-go that we had a similar vision; Much like she does with her up-cycled clothing, ‘Together’ is designed to look as though it was made by chopping up signs I’ve made over the past few years and sticking pieces together. Whilst also featuring elements and patterns that come to mind when we think of Diana’s collections.

‘Together’ as a word, being perfectly apt for a collaboration.

• Signed and authenticated on verso

• Size in cm: 145H x 25W x 3.6D

• Made using 6 individually cut pieces

• Hand-painted using a combination of freehand and tape

• UV-protective varnish

• Indoor only. Wall mount fixings attached to the back