[M]OTHER, 2022

On first glance the sign appears to be broken, as the bulbs in the letter ‘M’ aren’t working. It is in fact deliberate, and the sign reads both ‘MOTHER’ and ‘OTHER’.

[M]OTHER forces us to explore the conflict we can feel as Mothers, when yearning to also identify as something else; something ‘other’ than.

[M]OTHER also celebrates my personal experience as a mother in a same-sex relationship. Being and having an other-mother, and parenting in an other way.

Created for the ‘Babes in Arms’ exhibition, and shown at the De La War Pavillion, Bexhill. Sept 2022 – Jan 2023.

[M]OTHER is available for sale, or gallery-loan. 

  • Approx 27 x 130cm
  • Cut and painted by hand
  • Farrow&Ball ‘Cinder Rose’ with gold leaf and red edges
  • All bulbs plus a dimmer device included
  • Bulbs all easily replaceable. 2000 Hours. 18W/equivalent to 23W. 30% energy saving.
  • Wall mounted using brass mason rings (provided)
  • White cable to UK plug. * Note cable is not visible in photo, as it had been wired directly into the wall. A white cable and plug will be visible should you not choose to do this *
  • Can be wired directly into the wall, with the help of an electrician. This hides wiring entirely.
  • PATested
  • Keep out of reach from children – the bulbs get hot. If the electrics come under any strain, unplug immediately and seek the advice of a qualified electrician.