Show Pony is the pseudonym of artist and sign-maker, Meg Tait.

“A long-term fascination with words, fonts and fairgrounds came together 6  years ago when I made a papier-mache sign for my wedding. And it sparked something in me!

I pretty much dropped what I was doing at the time and launched Show Pony, hand-making custom and entirely bespoke signs for galleries, events and individuals. And I love it. I’ve since created pieces for ITV, Norman Cook, Guilty-Pleasures and adverts both online and in print.

I create illuminated artworks & fairground-inspired signs, often embellished with gold leaf and fitted with glass lightbulbs. Recently I’ve also been working with prints. I work from my home studio by the seaside, mostly at bizarre hours (I have babies), and often fuelled by a lot of coffee (I have babies!).

I like to work with empowering and positive words, it’s uplifting, and I believe in the positive impact it has to see them every day.”