For bespoke enquiries;

All of my signs are cut and painted by hand from my studioThis process means that the possibilities are pretty much limitless… You can choose your word, font, colours and whether to have lightbulbs.


Specify an ideal size for your space.


Electrics are all made to fit each sign, meaning you can choose how long the cable needs to be to reach a plug socket. It is also possible, with the help of a qualified electrician, to wire your sign directly into your home electrics, hiding any cables completely.

The process:

Once you’ve decided on  your word, font and colours, I’ll start by creating a digital drawing of your sign, so that we both have a clear idea as to what yours will look like before you pay. Once you’re happy, I take a 50% deposit, and the final payment once I’ve shown you a photo of the finished piece, and before it’s sent out.

Here is how you can expect the digital drawings to translate into a finished piece:

Proud drawing to completion