Acrylic on wood, dead flat varnished finish. Cut and painted by hand.

The Watermelon Lamp features 5 glass bulbs and when fitted to a dimmer switch, the lamp can be both bright and vibrant, and also dimmed to a relaxed glow.

  • 61cmW x 31cm H
  • Wall mounted, requires 2 screws to be drilled into the wall. Or can be rested on  a sideboard
  • All bulbs plus a dimmer device included
  • Bulbs are easily replaceable. 2000 Hours. 18W/equivalent to 23W. 30% energy saving.
  • 1.5m yellow flex cable to plug. (*Note: the cable is hidden in the photo through a hole in the wall. You don’t need to do this, but the cable will be visible – as it is with any standard lamp)
  • PAT Tested
  • Keep out of reach from children – the bulbs get hot. If the electrics come under any strain, unplug immediately and seek the advice of a qualified electrician.