SMILEY. Happy accidents

I originally made 10 of these by mistake; I’d used the wrong primer, and consequently paint came-away when I lifted the stencils, making for this slightly patchy white&yellow background… but I kind of loved it… and so did you because they sold out in less that 24hrs! So I’ve leant into the process and made 12 more! 

On four I’ve exaggerated the speckled finish with some pink spray paint.

Each Smiley is imperfect and unique, numbered as ‘1 of 1’.

  • Size: 11cm
  • Signed and numbered on verso
  • 18mm birch ply
  • Paint on wood
  • Wrapped and boxed
  • UV-protective varnish, dead flat
  • Wall mount fixings attached to the back. Indoor only

This is the last time they will be priced at only £15, as they don’t take any less time to make. But as the first 10 sold so quickly, I’ve added the option to also reserve a future one or the same price for the next 72hrs 🙂 (you won’t get to see a photo but it will be similar to the ones above)