Before I started making signs, my friend and I set-up a clothing label called Merrimaking. We officially closed it down a few years ago, but we’ve still a few Kiwi Bumbags left!

Bumbags were hand-sewn in our studio in Brighton.

• One size. Bumbag approximately 23cm wide. Adjustable waist, up to 45″. It is the perfect size to keep all your festival essentials in.

• Material: Cotton, flocking, polyester webbing.

• Care: Sponge clean or a delicate cool wash and air dry only


‘Sugar-coat your look with sweet shades that pack a punch [Watermelon Bumbag]‘ – VOGUE Magazine talks pastel colours, Jan 2014.

‘Festival Top Tip’ – Metro, includes our Thinking Cap and Watermelon Bumbag!

Also featured in Cosmopoltan Magazine. Radio 1 DJ Gemma Cairney shared her ‘ultimate festival survival kit’, including her Bumbag amongst the pieces she wouldn’t leave home without.


You were re-directed here from as the Merrimaking website no longer exists. We closed Merrimaking down a couple of years ago, but due to Dominic Skinner wearing his Disco Jumper on GlowUp we saw a spike in demand, so thought we’d bring the Disco Jumpers back one more time! This Show Pony website is owned by Merrimaking co-founder Meg.

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